One Moon

School of Meditation, Qigong and Taijiquan

Wuji Poetry

In Loving Memory of Master Jou, Tsung Hwa

Sitting in awareness of perfect peace,
Abandoning all the world and its care.
The vast expanse stretches outward with ease,
Connected openness and he is there.
Standing with arms out-stretched expanding all
With centering, freedom beyond compare,
Head lifted, body stretching up so tall.
We collect our energy and he is there.
Moving postures, we contract and expand,
Giving and receiving, energy shared.
No independent movement of the hand.
Efficient and effective, he is there.
One with the Tao in total formlessness:
United, he is limitlessness.



One Moon

Chinese by Taijiquan Master Jou, Tsung Hwa, translation and additional verse by Dr. Jay Dunbar© 2001 by Dr. Jay Dunbar, All Rights Reserved.

Yue zhao qian tang
The moon shining over a thousand ponds

Ying cheng qian yue
Reflected becomes a thousand moons.

A thousand sillies with nets and spoons
Scoop at the water to catch the moon.
They never look up at the night’s bright eye
Believing the moon fell down from the sky!

You (who would not be a silly, of course)
Will turn from the mirror and look to the source.

The slivers of silver, the drops of pearl
Are reflections only — none of them real.

There is one moon, the moon is one:
Itself a mirror of the sun.

Gui gen jie di,
Zong wei yi yue
Zong wei--------------------yue yi!


#63 Water over Fire

I Ching # 63

Wu Nien! Wu Wei! Trans.
(Non thought! Non action! )

A Lotus blossom does not question true nature,
yet without action, rises above water.

Nien, Wu Nien! Wei, Wu Wei!
(Thought, non thought! Action, non-action! )

Finding our true nature our flame leaps and flickers
over the flowing, dustless mirror.

Just like Ink, Brush and Paper...
we drink clear water and reflect 10,000 things.

Wisdom and Compassion paint the plum blossom
red and heat the tea to release its flavor.

by Roger Parmeter



Two full moons
regard one another with delight.
Wide open, nothing hidden,
illumination is mirrored.

Face to face,
realizing they are reflections of
the same light,
Two moons recognize they are
Laughter reverberates through the Heavens.

Lucy Hohn